State Drug Administration Food: unqualified 88 batches of hair cosmetics

  March 21, according to the State Food and Drug Administration Web site message, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Food and Drug test, etc., labeled as Amy Adams Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Jiangsu and other 40 companies produced 88 batches of substandard hair cosmetics。
   Involving labeled with the production company, substandard products are: Amy Adams Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Jiangsu production of multi-color hair cream love (purple grape), Zhejiang Huabao Jian Zhang Hairdressing Industry Co., Ltd. Zhang Hua of a smear Hot Oil N (natural black ), wild mud-day peak of hair oil treatment, Zhang Hua Ayanokusa baking oil hair cream (30) deep-sea charm black-natural black, Zhang Hua ecological baking oil hair cream () dark brown (durable), Zhang Hua ecological baking oil hair cream () deep coffee (durable), 3DColor three-dimensional color Zhang Hua touch of brown baking oil ethyl touch of brown (chestnut brown), Zhang Hua of a smear baking oil H (plant care type), peak days hair Hot oil (brown-black), Tianfeng hair baking oil (grape red ), Zhang Hua Yi Kou-day peak of baking oil hair, silk essence baked hair cream (21) and baked sea algae rooted dye cream (42), Cathy cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou City of Hongruikaixi hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou City of God Choi cosmetics Co. five Kaiko a black wash, Li-chen Guangzhou fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Li-chen of hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Baiyun District Li-dimensional fine her Factory production of black hair Wang perfume allergy black hair cream, Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou-day production times soft black hair cream nutrition, Guangzhou Mido Cosmetics Co., Ltd. production of color hair down film (Mido hair cream), Guangzhou jackin cosmetics Co., Ltd. Hans hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Cai Yun cosmetics Co., Ltd. to produce fine batik Sheng Caiyuan (Sheng Caiyuan hair cream), Nanhai District of Foshan City, Choi cosmetics Co., Ltd. of Japan color hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Xuan Yi biotechnology Co., Ltd. announced the production of really black hair cream Yap (natural black), Guangzhou Chu Chu Yan Yan cosmetics Co., Ltd. of professional hair oil treatment, Zhaoqing Di Choi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. of Di color hair cream (brown), Guangzhou Baiyun District irbesartan poetry cosmetics factory producing thousands of fine love hair cream (natural black), Li-chen Guangzhou fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Li-chen of hair cream, Guangzhou Qian Yasi fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (trust Party: hair color Guangdong Heber biotech Co., Ltd.) production of hair cream, Guangzhou fine chemical Plant Health Victoria she Lai Color hair down film production, Guangzhou City, Van Gogh Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. of active charcoal black oil repair yuan, Zhongshan Jiali Cosmetics Co., Ltd. of BONYHAIR hair cream, Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou true knowledge Lai Lai true knowledge of hair cream Guangzhou City cosmetics Co., Ltd. Donghui Donghui production of hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Baiyun District Ishii song Lisi cosmetics factory produced song Li Siao Code of hair cream (golden yellow), Zhaoqing City Capgemini technology Co., Ltd. Capgemini plant a mild cream (mahogany red), Baiyun District, Guangzhou Sheng Diya cosmetics factory production benefits Rong Tang hair cream (natural black) and Yi Rong Tang hair cream, hair Sir Guangzhou fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Sir hair color cream avocado and black crystal batik, Bonnie Guangzhou fine Chemical Co. of BONYHAIR BONYHAIR hair cream and hair cream, Guangzhou Yin Jia fine Chemical Co., Ltd. of Perth, hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou Hanbang cosmetics Co., Ltd. production Changyi parti care hair cream (chestnut brown) and Masayoshi parti hair cream (natural black ), Guangzhou dollars honor Cosmetics Co., Ltd. of honor hair cream – red and pearl protein honor ammonia-free dye (flax brown), Zhongshan Celie Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Celie series Rangao (brown) and Zhongshan Celie series Rangao 7/43, Guangzhou cosmetics Co., Ltd. of genteel gentle and genteel hair Hot oil Hot oil hair ripples mining 6CB, Guangzhou City Royal mining Tong cosmetic Co., Ltd. Han Jin Liang water black hair gel (black), Royal mining Church hair cream (natural black) and Royal Cottage a comb black hair cream (natural black), Guangzhou, Wei Niya cosmetics Co.'s Toni & Guy brightly colored hair cream and hair cream Jinzhu Tang, Guangzhou, Li Ning Company Limited production of cosmetics Li Ti hair cream (amber copper brown), Li Ti hair cream and Li Ti hair cream (natural black), Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, small Shiro cosmetics factory production of small Shiro hair cream (LightGoldenYellow) and small Shiro hair cream, limited Guangzhou handsome shadow cosmetics produced by handsome shadow hair cream (red), handsome shadow hair cream (natural black) and handsome shadow hair cream (chestnut brown), wide City KendleWits production Geer Shi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. [five Kaiko pure milk +] ecological protection dye cream, KendleWits hair cream (brown) and KendleWits hair cream (natural black), Dong Sheng Weina Fine Chemicals Limited production of Shengwei Na colored baking oil (brown), Shengwei Na colored baking oil (red wine), hair color code Shengwei Na Hot oil (brown), Shengwei Na colored baking oil (red) and Shengwei Na colored baking oil ( purple), Guangdong Tiggo fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Tiggo a wash of black dyeing shampoo (black), Tiggo dye faster hair cream (brown), Tiggo dye fast hair cream and military doctors Tiggo dye faster hair cream (chestnut brown )。   Which, by the manufacturer is located on-site verification of food and drug regulatory authorities, and confirmed by the manufacturer, marked Zhejiang Huabao Jian Zhang Hairdressing Industry Co., Ltd. of wild mud-day peak of baking oil hair counterfeit goods。   China Food and Drug Administration noted that the above products and related businesses in violation of the provisions of "cosmetics Health Supervision", "cosmetic labeling regulations" and other related laws and regulations。
China Food and Drug Administration requirements, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong Province to urge the Food and Drug Administration to verify the law-related enterprises to take timely measures to recall and other related products have been marketed, to initiate an investigation, according to the law dealt with severely; only to identify non-compliance products, and ordered to make corrections after the relevant manufacturers can continue to go on sale。
Requirements Anhui, Gansu, Guangxi, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Hubei, Jilin, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shanghai, Sichuan, Tianjin, Tibet, Xinjiang, Zhejiang province (autonomous regions and municipalities) Food and Drug Administration ordered the relevant business shelf units to take immediate measures to control the risk of suspected counterfeit products, to get to the bottom of its purchase channels deep investigation of illegal activities to be investigated according to law, suspected of a crime to the public security organs according to law。

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