top of the head, frowned and said to him late again, then hastily hung up the phone, it has a yarn tension.

  ”Pei Shaoyang mentioned, warm family environment for the power he grew up, my father and grandfather mutual respect.”Ningshi Qing sitting in a chair, almost rolling on, Pei Shushu’s singing is superb is not blowing, and each time the crowd Pei grandfather hate ea上海419论坛ch other wars did not stop until a dozen rounds.
  ”Beautify you understand?”Pei Shaoyang want to fight the.
  ”understand.”Ningshi Qing laughing tears came out,” author with apprehension, sent a query to Pei Shaoyang, the other father Pei Naochun in the country called the highest-profile and most low-key rich second generation, his success with full of legendary, but you have never been a public interview, there are many things still a mystery.”
  The statement is, like Pei Shushu and more mysterious, like – well, Ningshi Qing have to admit, if I do not know, perhaps he also believes Pei Shushu what effort deep, take things one three-powerful talent.
  Ningshi Qing suddenly silent, then hilarious: “Why Mr. Pei Naochun industry will be committed to investing Museum?In the future, he will enter as art exhibitions, Museum of Histo深圳桑拿网ry related industries it?”The question he can answer, not because Pei Shushu work depends hobby, which is not his favorite range.
  Pei Shaoyang amount of help, he remembered how his own to answer the.
  ”No, it’s just my dad’s personal interest, not considered profitable, even if it is a loss, as long as he was happy enough.”Ningshi Qing banged the table,” your statement is estimated to be on the hot search, just Pei Naochun interest, regardless of loss seeking fun.”
  ”Well, well, do not read ah.”Pei Shaoyang original answer, facing the interviewer speechless still talking, and now he felt like a shame site.
  Ningshi Qing went around to the side and continue to read aloud: “yo, not finished yet, the loss of this issue for us really is not a problem that money can buy my dad’s sense