Duck blood fan soup helps you drive away Qiu Fei

Duck blood fan soup helps you drive away Qiu Fei


Duck blood fan soup helps you drive away Qiu Fei

After the cold dew, even if it is late autumn, do you still feel tired and tired?

Body boring in autumn is a very common phenomenon. A moderate amount of food supplemented with iron can help you get rid of fatigue and maintain a good mental state.

Today, old Chinese medicine doctors recommend a famous soup: duck blood fan soup.

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup Ingredients: 200 g of duck blood, 100 g of mung bean vermicelli, 50 g of duck gizzard, 50 g of duck intestine, coriander, spring onion, ginger amount, salt, sesame oil, pepper powder, chili oil, water amount.

Practices: 1. Wash duck gizzards and duck intestines, slice duck gizzards, slice the duck gut and add a small amount of salt to marinate and remove the fishy fish for about 5 minutes. Then wash them with water and cut them into chunks. 2. Put a small amount of oil into the pot, pour the duck and ginger slices into the pot, stir-fry the scent, add 2 bowls of water, boil the duck blood, and boil off the heat again.Boil the water and add the vermicelli, which is soft and hot, and remove it. Add the parsley segments, shallots, and ginger, and then add the salt, sesame oil, pepper, and chili oil. Slowly pour the duck and duck blood soup.Fill the bowl with the fans and serve immediately.

First, duck blood can nourish blood and detoxify, iron supplementation can prevent fall and winter. As the saying goes, “spring is sleepy, summer is short, autumn is snoring”, and the lack of fall and dryness after entering autumn are two major substitutes that invade people.

There are many reasons for the lack of autumn, but we can all improve from the diet. Among them, adding iron is one of the good ways.

Iron is always present in lean meat and liver, and it is also very abundant in animal blood. Duck blood is one of the ingredients that people often choose.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that duck blood is salty and cold, and has the effect of nourishing blood and detoxifying. It is better to take blood.

The Book of Materia Medica reads: “Duck Blood Gong is dedicated to detoxification, but it must be detoxified with hot drinks, which is also a method passed down from ancient to modern times.”

In general, duck blood is used in food therapy as blood loss or blood deficiency or women’s menstrual hot flashes, children’s white pupa like fish freezing and stroke dizziness or drug poisoning, generally washed into hot wine.

From a nutritional point of view, duck blood is rich in protein and a variety of amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize. It also contains high levels of erythrocytin. It also contains minerals such as trace elements iron and various vitamins. For iron supplementationBlood supplements have certain auxiliary functions.

In addition, duck blood can be used for soup, cooking, and cold dressing. In fact, it is diverse, rich in flavor, and low in energy content. For people who want to supplement iron and are afraid of obesity, even if they do n’t eat meat, do n’t eat liver, eat animal blood.It can also supplement enough iron to relieve the fatigue and fatigue caused by iron deficiency.

Second, the cholesterol content in animal blood is high. Many people think that only fatty meat contains cholesterol in egg yolk. In fact, the plasma in animal blood is not low, so for some people with abnormal blood lipids, eating duck blood is also very important.Be careful not to overdo it.

In addition, Chinese medicine believes that duck blood is cold, so you should cook warmly in order to neutralize the coldness. For people who have a cold constitution or a spleen and stomach, try not to eat duck blood raw.In autumn, try to avoid eating duck blood raw, so as not to aggravate the coldness of the body and hurt the body’s yang.