Best time to lose weight with hula hoop, 99% of people are wrong

Best time to lose weight with hula hoop, 99% of people are wrong

Best time to lose weight with hula hoop, 99% of people are wrong

Hula hoop before meals or after meals There is no compulsory requirement for hula hoop meals before or after meals, and generally should be acceptable.

Just be careful not to switch hula hoop just after eating.

However, taking into account various factors, it is still the best time to turn the hula hoop 1 hour after a meal.

The following will give you a more detailed description: 1. Do n’t change the hula hoop just after eating, do n’t turn the hula hoop just after eating, otherwise it will affect the digestion of the stomach and cause stomach pain and other conditions.

  2. Turning hula hoop before meals is more conducive to weight loss Generally speaking, there is no limit to turning hula hoop before meals. On the contrary, turning hula hoop before meals should be more beneficial for weight loss.

  3, fasting to hula hoop will also increase the sense of obesity when fasting to hula hoop before meals, it is indeed more conducive to weight loss.

But let’s be clear.

Turning the hula hoop before meals will increase the sense of obesity and easily increase appetite, resulting in increased eating later.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight better, it is better not to eat immediately after turning the hula hoop. It does not prevent you from drinking a cup of warm water to pad your belly first, and it is advisable to wait until the hunger subsides a little before eating.

  4. Turning 1 hour after a meal is the best. Fasting to a hula hoop before meals may inadvertently result in an increase in subsequent eating and abandon your previous achievements.

(Of course, if you can control the diet after turning around the hula hoop, then it is still good to choose turning around before meals, and the weight loss effect is doubled.

) However, just after eating, the stomach is more supportive, and the blood is mostly moving in the stomach. At this time, turning the hula hoop affects digestion and is not conducive to weight loss. It also causes stomach problems.

Therefore, if you turn after meals, it is best to choose one hour after meals, which is a relatively optimal time, because the food is almost digested in the stomach, and exercise can accelerate the slight burning in the body.

  How long does it take to turn to hula hoop to lose weight? Hula hula is a whole-body exercise that can achieve the effect of weight loss, but the duration of exercise must be long enough.

Because the hula hoop’s exercise intensity is not very strong, only the prolonged exercise time and continuous exercise reach the stage of aerobic exercise, so you can consume the unfortunate stored in the body and excessive heat.

How long should I shake to achieve fitness results?

May wish to refer to the “three three three” campaign promoted by the National Sports Commission, exercise three times a week, every 30 minutes, a heartbeat of 130 beats.

Because the hula hoop is not strong enough, it is necessary to increase the speed of shaking if you want to increase the heart rate.

  The heavier the hula hoop, the better?

  Actually, it doesn’t have to be as heavy as possible.

Maybe the heavier hula hoop at the beginning, it takes spline strength to shake it, but then it becomes a kind of inertial movement. The focus is on the movement time must be long enough, otherwise the short and short movement only belongs to anaerobic.Exercise will only exchange muscle soreness and will not consume extra displacement.

In addition, when the hula hoop is shaken, it will hit the tibia, the internal organs (such as kidneys) inside the tail, and the relative impact of the too heavy hula hoop is also overcome. There may be a risk of injury to the viscera.Right!

  Not suitable for those with lumbar muscle strain or calcium deficiency. Not suitable for those with lumbar muscle strain or calcium deficiency. Because the hula hoop mainly depends on the waist, it has fully exercised the lumbar muscles, abdominal muscles, and lateral lumbar muscles.Waist effect.

However, it should be reminded that people with lumbar muscle strain, spine injuries, osteoporosis patients, and the elderly are not suitable for exercise.

In addition, before shaking the hula hoop, do some expansion exercises to shrink the ligaments and avoid sprains.

  Exercise is not a day or two, and too much is not caused by a day or two. Regardless of how your army moves, remember to grasp one principle: continuous and continuous, a little bit of panting without too much panting.

I believe that soon you will be a member of the Dai family.