During the National Day Golden Week, I went to Chongqing to gradually step on the tip of China.

During the National Day Golden Week, I went to Chongqing to gradually step on the tip of China.


During the National Day Golden Week, I went to Chongqing to gradually step on the tip of China.

Chongqing, is a fog is a mountain city is an 8D magic city, but also a hot food capital.

As the soul of urban culture, food directly reflects the face of a city and becomes the gentle and slow rhythm of Chengdu, thus the light health of the Jiangnan area.

The people of Chongqing directly express their passion for life and strong personality color on food, and the hot ones directly belong to the taste of Chongqing.

“China on the tip of the tongue” is a very authoritative gourmet film in China. It introduces the specialties from all over the world in terms of culture and ingredients. It is almost a wide-scale gourmet feast.

The city of Chongqing, in an extremely strong personality, accounts for a large proportion of China on the tip of the tongue.

Today, the National Day Golden Week is just around the corner, and countless tourists are ready to head to Chongqing for an 8D magic city tour.

As a good mouth in Chongqing, today Xiaobian will take you to explore Chongqing in the “China on the tip of the tongue”. The National Day holiday allows us to follow the footsteps of “Tip Tips” to experience the deliciousness of Chongqing.

One: Hot pot to Chongqing does not eat hot pot, it is equivalent to white.

Spicy and delicious is the taste of Chongqing people’s tongue. Countless foreigners are in the name of Chongqing hot pot capital. It is an activity that must be punched in Chongqing to eat hot pot.

Chongqing hot pot is a delicious food that can’t be resisted by people who are not spicy.

As the old hot pot that opened in Chongqing for 20 years, the scene of Zhang Wei, the boss of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, who manually stir-fry the hot pot bottom in the alley was meticulously recorded by “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”.

The fragrance of the hot pot bottom mixed with pepper, pepper and butter is like the fragrance that seems to drift across the screen to the audience, evoking the majority of the audience’s yearning for Chongqing hot pot.

“Tip Tip 2” when introducing Chongqing hot pot, mainly from the perspective of ingredients.

Use butter to highlight the taste of pepper and pepper. This is the secret weapon of Chongqing Hot Pot.

Yan Wei Xiaoyu has adopted top-grade ingredients in both the frying of hot pot ingredients and the selection of dishes, so it has become a representative hot pot in Chongqing.

Recommended dishes: rice field hairy belly, fried fried meat, gourmet goose intestine, kungfu beef liver Address: No. 86, Lushan Zhengjie (next to Minjian Building) Traffic Guide: Take Metro Line 1 to Qixinggang Station, from No. 2Walking out of the station 560m 2: Chongqing Xiaomian facet is the only commonly accepted pasta for Chongqing residents who are southerners.

Chongqing people love Chongqing Xiaobian as much as hot pot, and the intimacy is even worse.

Sprinkle a layer of secret scorpion on the crystal clear, full-bodied noodles, and then pour a spoonful of bright red, spicy and not too dry chili oil. A bowl of standard Chongqing noodles is served.

鈥淭he uniqueness of Chongqing Xiaobian lies in the variety of spices.

“In the tip of the tongue 2”, Qin Yun, the boss of the old woman’s stall, said this.

The seasoning is the soul of Chongqing Xiaobian. For Qin Yun, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the ingredients to make a bowl of good noodles.

The old Taipo spreads the noodles with chili, red oil, pepper oil, soy sauce and other 12-flavored materials. The fragrant chili noodles and unique frying means, their faces represent the highest level of Chongqing facets.There is no exaggerated appearance, but in addition to the real feelings of the boss, it is the taste of the small noodles that are exclusively for Chongqing people.

Recommended dishes: small noodles, beef noodles, noodles, peas noodles Address: Xiejiawan Zhengjie Huarun 24th City Vientiane City Vientiane Food Street (opposite China Resources Primary School) Traffic Guide: Take Metro Line 2 to XiejiawanStation, from the B station outbound walk 810m In general, whether it is the Xiaowei Xiaoyu hot pot or the old woman’s stall, they have not forgotten the essence of the ingredients, they all carry the taste of Chongqing under the help of the top ingredients, soThis part is also the National Day holiday, the best choice for the delicious mouth to go to Chongqing.