Trade war clouded the Dow plunged more than 400 points

(Tencent securities Qingfeng) Beijing March 22 evening, US stocks opened low on Thursday, a global trade war could erupt, and social giant Facebook data leak scandal led to market pressure。 In addition, investors are digesting the Fed's interest rate decision and policy statement。
As of press time, the Dow fell 350 points, after touching down over 400 points, the S & P 500 index fell%。 The Nasdaq Composite fell%。 According to Xinhua reports, recently it reported that the United States will soon announce the results of the survey and 301 in China may take restrictive measures against China。 US industry generally and concerns about the US unilateral action, there are 45 American Association clearly stated objections。
The news sparked concerns all walks of life for the "trade war"。
The Fed on Wednesday decided to raise the benchmark interest rate, but despite the bank made a more optimistic expectations for the US economy, still maintain in 2018 a total of three times to raise interest rates expected to remain unchanged。
In Wednesday's trading, the Dow, the S & P 500 index and the Nasdaq composite index ended down between% and%。
After the Fed's monetary policy statement, the three major indexes were mixed。
Market drivers: the overall trading this week, the US stock market is expected to fell, which is due to Facebook's entire technology sector leading the decline largely。 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) local time in the United States on Wednesday night to accept an interview with CNN, he apologized to CambridgeAnalytica data leak scandal period, and said it willing to testify before the US Congress。
This social media giant has suffered a "fire storm", its shares suffered heavy selling due to political data after reports that the company used 50 million in CambridgeAnalytica without permission of the user's personal Facebook data。 At the same time, investors are related to a global trade war may break out this week on concerns still lingering in the market。 UK Monetary Policy Committee meeting minutes shows that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to keep interest rates unchanged support 7-2, 9-0 to maintain the national debt is expected to buy the same size, in order to maintain the 9-0 corporate debt buy the same size, are In line with expectations。
Congressional leaders on Wednesday night reached an agreement on a spending bill, which will provide working capital for the federal government before October。
Now, lawmakers have two days for this bill up to 2232 were discussed and approved by them, in order to avoid the federal government in the United States Eastern Time Saturday 0:01 (12:01 pm GMT Saturday) was forced to close the door。
Strategist Comment: CityIndex analyst 肯奥德鲁加 (KenOdeluga) in a research report that adopt a "middle ground" in raising interest rates the Fed sent the information makes the market "at a loss"。 "After the Fed (this year) for the first time to raise interest rates, the market briefly relieved。
Under the leadership of the new Chairman Jerome Powell (JeromePowell), the (Federal Reserve made) little difference between the forecast and the market's best guess of speech。 "Odd Fallujah wrote in the report。 "But then the US stock market is mixed, fell slightly during Wednesday's close。
In the trading session in Asian markets, investors are also hesitant。
"Economic data: March 17 when US weekly initial jobless claims tens of thousands of people are expected million and the previous value Wan。
United States March 10 the week continued unemployment benefits tens of thousands of people are expected million and the previous value by a million compensated for the million。 US Markit manufacturing PMI in March, the highest since March 2015 high of expectations; 2 month-end value。
US March Markit services PMI initial value, expected 56; 2 month-end value。
US March Markit composite PMI initial value; 2 month-end value。 United States in January FHFA House Price Index MoM%,% expected, before the value of the revised%%。 US FHFA House Price Index in January year on year% before the value%。
US Conference Board leading indicators in February MoM%, expected percent, before correction of 1% to%。

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