Sensitive skin care routine can not care less how

How a skin type Sensitive Skin Care sensitive skin are more prone to skin allergies, and therefore is more annoying, with this skin, it may be a little attention there will be a skin allergy。
So in the end how to care for sensitive skin do the following small series to tell us something about how sensitive skin care, day care and no less oh!Sensitive skin care routine if you unfortunately become a sensitive skin, then in their daily lives must pay attention to maintenance, but it is very humble when some actions will stimulate your fragile skin, accelerates aging。
First, the wash water is preferably avoid too hot when using wash water, and heated with。 Washed, you can use a cold towel cold look。 Avoid using hot water。 Second, take a shower and separate bath wash too hot, simply not suitable to wash your face, like any other skin, not to mention the sensitive skin。 So be sure to wash separately。 Third, eat eat the same terms to pay more attention。 Must not eat barbecue, delicious, do not eat, sensitive skin will cause great damage to the skin severe water shortage。
To eat less fried, of course, it is best not to eat, whether it is the staple food or snacks。
Spicy but also wiser。
But also less alcohol。
How sensitive skin care Fourth, avoid sensitive skin to the absolute prohibition sauna sauna。
Whether dry steam or wet steam。
Fifth, avoid a long stay in a dry environment such as dryness of the desert air conditioner is ten times, so long in a dry environment, the recovery for sensitive skin very unfavorable。 So try to find ways to increase the degree of moisture in the air。
Six little massage。