Fans spinach balls to teach you how to make good food practices

Fans spinach balls how to do, I believe many of my friends have eaten spinach meatball fans, because it is not only tasty, but also very rich in nutrients, then the spinach how do fans meatball with spinach and small series introduces fans to see the ball how to do it!Fans spinach balls how to prepare material: spinach amount, the amount of fans, the amount of lean meat, onions amount, the amount of oil, salt, corn starch, soy sauce.1.First Wash spinach, filtered water into the dish standby.2.Fans then placed in water。
3.In the meat into a large bowl, placed sequentially pepper, salt, onion, soy sauce and placed in the cooking wine, sufficiently stirred poured into starch.4.After completion of stirring groups, groups in the shape of balls loading standby.Fives.Then put in the pot right amount of water, such as water into the open after the balls, the balls cooked, add a little Yanhua.6.Such as meatballs after floating up into the fans, then add spinach and fans。
Fans spinach balls how to do 7.Then add sesame oil and MSG, and finally add chopped green onion.Stir well after。 8.Delicious bowl of delicious spinach meatball soup fans will do the work。