Pickle 10 + 24 + 5 key goals missed Walker win Eagles at 2-2

  Ticker on April 27 morning, the Pacers away to 91-88 win over the Eagles, will always tie 2-2。   Pacers snatch home court advantage, Paul – George scored 24 points, 10 rebounds and five assists, but the last time he hit two free throws loss, almost lead to disaster。 David – West 18 points, George – Hill 15 points and five assists, Roy – Hibbert played only 25 minutes, 6 points and 3 rebounds。 Off the bench Evan – Turner 11 points。   - Paul Millsap scored 29 points for the Hawks and seven rebounds, Kyle – Kyle Korver 15 points and nine rebounds, Jeff – Teague 14 points and seven assists。   Pacers lost two previous three games, center Hibbert scapegoat。
In three games, he shot 7 of 25 in total, 18 points, also inaction on the defensive。 Sources said that the coach has decided to put him in the lineup。
  "As long as the coach thought to win, I'm willing to do," Hibbert said, "I know, I will play, but do not know whether to become the second team。 "Today after opening, Hibbert is still the starting lineup, the performance also improved, but the key moment he was not in court。   George and Stephenson have hit the third after the opening, the Pacers 8-0 start。
Game played nearly three minutes later, the Hawks only one-third of Millsap hit, Teague thereafter bottom line break, after George had a layup, but also quickly to 8-0, to level the score Eagles。 The two sides played inextricably, Millsap hit consecutive in the middle of this section, while Turner was the Pacers hit three balls。
This section last two minutes, the Eagles momentum of decline, scoreless after Walker scored seven points to lead 29-22。
  Hibbert dunk beginning in the second quarter, Turner and his team arranged the pre-holiday 8 points, but the Pacers hit rate has dropped, the pre-holiday 11 minutes only he and Turner shooting。
Hawks inside and outside the bloom, in order to gain an advantage 46-47。
This section last minute, West and Stephenson each hit a ball, it will lead into a pedestrian 42-48。   Hawks in the third quarter achieved double-digit advantage to 54-44, one West scored four points, the Pacers to fight back, and George Hill hit third in succession thereafter, play a wave of 12-0 to 56- 54 go-ahead。 The two teams began to tug of war, with several lead changes。 After three sessions, the Pacers 66-65 lead 1 minute。   In the fourth quarter the Eagles began to frequently hit the third, this section there are 7 minutes and 31 seconds, Teague hit the long shot, they lead to 80-74。
Pacers missed consecutive outside, this section there are 4 minutes and 15 seconds, before Hill hit three-pointers, they will score 81-83。
  Eagles lose key moment quasi-head, and the Pacers getting better, when the game 1 minute 32 seconds, and George West have hit the third, the Pacers 89-85 beyond。   After Korver for the Eagles throws three balls, only 1 point behind。 Stephenson not in the third, but George grabbed the offensive rebound, Hill forced break layup, the Pacers to 91-88 lead into the final minute。
  The two teams always have a mistake, the Eagles get the ball in the game there are 13 seconds, but Millsap close range shot, had to foul。   George even missed two free throws, giving the Eagles last chance, but not in the Antic pointer by the Cavaliers, Pacers poise。 [[] []] After the game, the two sides battle 2-2, the Pacers again grab home-court advantage。 (Angkor)。