Suffering from the mouse hand how science pain relief treatment

Suffering from the mouse hand how we learn to work with the government gradually inseparable from the computer, mouse hand has become the face of an emerging disease appeared in everyone's。
Suffering from the mouse hand is very pain, the need for timely treatment。
So how do you cure a mouse suffering from it following small hands to tell us something about how to treat suffering from the mouse hand, science can help you ease the pain!Serious or mouse hand need corrective surgery 1.Non-surgical treatment of early disease, mild symptoms who used small wrist splint and other fixed in neutral position 1?2 weeks, most patients have effect。 Further, the carpal tunnel can be closed corticosteroid therapy。
Closing method: the stripes abut distal carpal tendon palmaris longus tendon as in the absence of an extension line of the ring finger ulnar needle, needle point to the middle finger, the needle tube angle of 30 ° with the skin, slowly into the carpal tunnel approximately。 If the cause paresthesia, you need to withdraw the needle repositioned。 After the investigation was closed three times, 81% of patients have been alleviated, 1 day to 40 months ranged continued, but usually 2?There will be four months after the recurrence of the phenomenon。
If the first closed invalid, then it can not be closed again。 It was also found that closely related to the partial closure of the surgical treatment effect and good effect partial closure of the surgical treatment effect will be good。 It must be noted that, if the patient suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, hypothyroidism, you must first active treatment of the primary disease。 Suffering from the mouse hand how governance 2.Surgical treatment of severe symptoms, conservative treatment for 2 months with no response should be early surgery。
Line generally transverse carpal ligament incision carpal tunnel decompression。
Incision hypothenar generally use radial border of the ulnar notch convex arc, and to extend the wrist, to avoid damage palmar cutaneous branch of the median nerve。 Palmaris longus and the flexor carpi radialis tendon, respectively, after exposure to both sides of the retractor and the transverse carpal ligament the median nerve, median nerve in the ulnar cut from near and far transverse carpal ligament, in order to avoid the return branch of median nerve injury because about 23 percent of people support the return of the median nerve passes through the transverse carpal ligament to thenar。