The first "Marine Silk Road · crab Po 'Folk Culture Tourism Festival opening reproduce Sea Festival blessing ceremony

Sea Festival on Zhenwu blessing ceremony, dressed in traditional costumes who worship ritual slowly toward Taiwan。  Wang Dongming taken as the "Marine Silk Road · crab Po" highlight of Folk Culture Tourism Festival, Sea Festival Zhenwu blessing ceremony to reproduce the grand scene hundreds of years ago ancient Quanzhou Port Hope Festival of Poseidon on Tourism Festival opening ceremony。
Ancient music melodious, drum bursts, when playing prefect of Quanzhou, Maritime Affairs and foreign businessmen to make three official officiant slowly toward the worship table, holding a flute dancer dressed in traditional costumes, feathers, danced the Guji Yiwu, people live as if "through" back to the Song Dynasty, exposure to the ancient and mysterious folk festival。   It is understood that the day of the festival blessing ceremony into the sea "Si Hai Chi Cheung", "Haina Fu Ji", "sea breeze flags" three links, showcasing traditional ritual ceremonies and traditional culture has a cultural connotation of the ocean。
  As the ancient "Marine Silk Road" an important starting point for the city, Quanzhou pray to the sea wind, the sea festival has existed since ancient ritual。 According to the "Quanzhou Prefecture" records, "basaltic temple in southeast juncheng Stone Mountain, Cham Shan Temple cough sea, populated converge its next set。 Mayor Song as offering the hope of Poseidon。
"" Basaltic temple, also known as Zhenwu, God Palace, located in Quanzhou Stone Community law Fortress, built in the Southern Song Dynasty, dating back over a thousand years of history。 "Estuary jetty and Zhenwu paper tubes librarian Zhang Zhang Ming told reporters, Zhenwu faith of Poseidon is not only important historical sites, but also the Song and Yuan Dynasties 'Maritime Silk Road' offering important historical sites MEPC Airlines, witnessed the flourishing of ancient China's overseas traffic trading。

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