British researchers: eat more rice flour may make women early menopause (1)

  According to foreign media reports, the British study found that if women eat more of a day of refined carbohydrates, such as flour or rice products may make the coming year and a half earlier, but also increase the risk of heart disease。
The study also found that eating more oily fish or beans, you can make menopause postponed for three years。  Reported that British women of the University of Leeds researcher at data collected between 4 ten thousand years, and for the questionnaire, of which more than 900 40-65 year old woman naturally into during this age, the average age at onset is 51 years old。The study found that if women ate more refined carbohydrates a day, will advance the start time of menopause。  Research indicates that refined carbohydrates increase the risk of the body impedance of insulin, insulin resistance properties will affect gonadal hormone secretion, pushing estrogen levels, may lead to earlier advent。
The study also showed that women enter menopause earlier, will be more prone to develop osteoporosis and heart disease, but late menopause to people, there will be a greater chance of suffering from ovarian, cervical or breast cancer。
  The study found that long-term consumption of more than a day of fish oil, may make than normal late 3 years or more, because the omega-3 fish oil will be in the stimulation of the body's antioxidant levels。Eating a lot of soy foods rich in antioxidants, it makes menopause later than 1 year than normal。
In addition, absorb more of the zinc or vitamin B6 may postpone menopause。
  A female friend not only to confront social responsibility, as well as family responsibilities often feel physically and mentally exhausted。
Bad habits will affect their internal organs, the ovaries of women, there was some damage, leading to premature ovarian failure, physiological dysfunction, in advance, then how to prevent it early menopause?  Prevention first self-examination in advance, they have no bad habits, smoking will not be drinking。
If yes, please quit as soon as possible。Observe their sleep, adults should sleep 6-8 hours a day, your sleep time to achieve this performance yet?If not, you can rest at noon for a while; before going to bed to relax yourself, do not busy working overtime, and do not dispute and to ensure that calm into sleep。  Wants to prevent in advance, it is not to lose weight or size, deliberately eat less, do not want to eat anything eat anything, and not a partial eclipse picky eaters, or overeating, eating three meals a day to be on time。Lose weight or fullness of time, you can take a walk。  Everyone more or less pressure, the key to understand decompression。
For women, a lot of decompression method, you can practice two times a week or yoga relaxation technique can also be carried out twice physical exercise, swimming, playing and aerobics will help to eliminate stress。  Finally, regular physical examination, women over 25 years old will be carried out 1-2 times a regular breast and gynecological department to check every year, and once the symptoms found in time to check the secretion Branch, for medical help, must not be taken lightly, not because I am sorry not to check。