Private Message: how to avoid a quarrel between husband and wife should

  Between husband and wife will be inevitable, but after a good fight to timely and it will not hurt the feelings between each other, one saying goes, got married, we should 且行且珍惜。
How should avoid quarrel between husband and wife that it?  How to avoid a quarrel between husband and wife should be 1, when the other person to adopt it when the gas you, do not take it seriously。 Because experts say, when people say angry words are not credible, it is one of the most ruthless side。 Calm down first, and listen carefully。
Then, whether or not blame you, then, you have to admit that what he said wrong。   2, no matter how fierce quarrel quarrel, we must always remember: the other is his favorite people, do not say "break up" word。 If you say that the torture each other, but also against themselves in。 Because there are many couples because of gas, however, he had just raised regretted breaking up。   3, no matter how bad mood, time to see his wife, must be smiling。
Otherwise, he (she) felt you in a bad mood, certainly suspect is not his (her) own which point the wrong。
Then they will be the difference between a good mood down。   4, and the other after a fight, no matter just how fierce their own, should make an apology to。
If they do not agree, I have to apologize to forgive each other till you。 In fact, many couples quarreled after, the other side will be anxiously to apologize to their own。 If so, why not put down wayward shelf, advance to him (her) to talk about things, and good breakfast?I have a brother said, "treat their lovers, you can not want to face。
"Now think about it, my brothers, that this point is really nothing wrong。 It is worth mentioning that some couples, after quarreled。
To his little face, the other party has refused to Dali, then himself uncomfortable, let the other party also uncomfortable with。 Even some fools, and the other is because of this break up, it is simply stupid。
  5, do not often suspect that he (she)。 Some people always wonder if the other party betrayed him, and this is understandable。
But do not doubt each other frequently。 Otherwise, it is really for him (her) distrust。 Also explain the way, if you do not want to quarrel with each other, do not let him (her) jealous。 The other suspect you are his (her) the right, if you let him (her) jealous and that is your right。
So, after my wife had (male), less the opposite sex and intercourse, or else, as long as the person will be jealous。 (If you have boys or girls and by a very good relationship, but when people find lovers, and people do not acquaintance, otherwise, sooner or later someone will call you "shameless" the) 6, when the two sides quarrel, one of the gas walking is a common thing to leave the party that the party flee ignore their own, is wrong。
A party may go out of anger, but also some temporarily avoided, not angry with each other。 Then explain what are not used, is also a good way to ease the contradiction of a party to avoid, actually go out and party after calm reflection and will worry, thinking about each other's。
If you take that side back with you to talk about things, you still furious, and it may be that your wrong。 Because they do not get angry is not going to go away。

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