Jiangsu cuisine recipes three ducks practice

Jiangsu cuisine is one of the four famous Chinese Han, Jiangsu cuisine approach relative to other cuisines, it Jiangsu cuisine good stew, braised, stewed, fried。 So today we went to study under three ducks in Jiangsu cuisine homemade practice it。 Material Ingredients: Duck a light fat 2500 g, a wild duck light 750 g, 250 g a light pigeon, 50 g water, mushrooms, cooked ham, 150 grams, 10 grams of bamboo shoots, 100 grams of Shaoxing wine, salt 10 g, Ginger 5 g, 10 g scallion。 1 approach, the light from the duck slaughter knife mouth neck bone will cut off, and the wings attached to the neck draw knife, cut duck, neck bone extraction, duck open hand, a knife cut edge side of broadcasting, so that family separation, cut up to the thigh end, cut off the bone joint of bones, to the leg, cut duck smell of urine, then flip duck, restitution。
Liver to bile, gizzard peeled dirty, and washed with duck, washed with boiled into the boiling pot。 2, ducks and pigeons by the method described above the whole of the bone, then wash。
3, wild duck pigeons duck abdominal incision into the sleeve, and 10 g of mushrooms, ham 50 g, 50 g bamboo shoots filled into the abdominal cavity of the duck, then the incision mallard duck a duck into the abdominal sleeve, and 15 g of mushrooms filled duck belly, ham 50 grams, 50 grams, bamboo shoots, the edge light duck duck Hao sets, into the boiling soup at a little pot。
Jiangsu cuisine recipes three ducks practice 4 sets of duck down abdomen, liver and gizzard into the casserole bamboo mat, add ginger, scallion, rice wine, filled with water, boiling over medium heat, skim Mo, cover disc, capped, low heat transfer simmer 3 hours, remove from heat, while turning the sleeve to be rotten duck, chest upwards, to scallion, ginger, bamboo mat, gizzard and liver remove, cut into pieces , with the remaining mushrooms, fire leg pieces, bamboo shoots duck who shop together, add salt, and then a small fire stew about half an hour Serve。