10 seconds penalty out of three, but the man knew how painful Adams

   FML, Thunder 6-game winning streak last night, they turned dry east of Toronto first, 14 assists and reinforces his own fourth place in the West Westbrook scored 37 points and 13 rebounds, hit rate% this is his career the first 102 three pairs he has become a large-diameter: after Robertson, second place three times in a row can get five three pairs of players today but the referee whistled level body hair is really stole the show, the audience numerous fouls the last 10 seconds three more in a row to Toronto?Sent off three first DeRozan dissatisfaction with the referee blows are connected to the two technical foul that sent off the ball DeRozan face Corey – Brewer layup, he thought he was fouled and the referee to find the ultimate theory ate two?Fouled out with Houyibaka and Raptors coach Casey have also been expelled ten seconds penalty that the referee out of three who is not a plus Lorry and blue tile of 6 fouls Toronto was fined a total of five people out ah after the game, Raptors fans sent boos filled the referee sent either security protection of their estimated that three fans can drown you with saliva Believe it or not but the referee incompetence can not hide the little prestige regressed the last minute, Westbrook first arc accelerate breakthrough ibaka facing left-handed layup and then a mind to kill punish heart jump shot scored four points directly kill the game plus the game, the Thunder this season against the Rockets (2-1 1 ), Warriors (2-1), Toronto (2-0) overall record of 5 wins and 2 losses, is all the teams in the league against these three teams overall record which makes us the best team can not help but shout the thunder was asked how suddenly so good?  The key in his!  Since starting the company commander to mention, Thunder 6 straight victories, scoring margin of 70 points who are the core of the Thunder do not say it?  But today most distressed duck or duck eggs again see a small explosion Adam was attacked outside shot 4:00 brother were struck Bruce Lee cry, I think, as long as men, should be able to understand that this is not how it hurts small duck was first attacked Greene's foot is estimated that we will not forget, of course, this is not the first time to act as role ibaka whisk Griffin said: to nickname Houyibaka or call David Tao it。

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  But Adams pretend after being kicked raw gas Ibaka screen is really too Meng good if not a former teammate relationship I'm afraid the two sides fight again but compared to the fight 4:00 brother to little more afraid of Viagra Adams succeed if Westbrook He said: Do not get excited, I will go, I think they'll Thunder fans will collapse。

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