Gently, I will leave you

Craving for a long time there has been no snow falling, only the roaring wind beating the old open window。The pedestrian streets of the city outside the window gradually gathered, businesses and stores headlong and green in the distance from time to time blew the train came, inadvertently, years, has sounded the clarion call。    You do hospitality of the Chinese New Year happens to be the busiest time, so we can not go home with the New Year and parents reunited。Tomorrow, I'm going to come home to set foot on the road, leaving you alone a man jealously guarding Konggui。Sigh sigh, along the way together far more than marriage, separation points from the always lovable and infinitely sad at heart can not bear, if I can, I will have all the warmth of tomorrow rub parting, you do not warm my share of chilly days。Not heartless, nor heartless, but since the family has father and mother dusk, waiting for my return date once a year, even if we have offer all kinds of sadness that I am still away from you。    To go, lazy time suddenly became tense, I feel a lot of things waiting to do。Before his departure have to go to the supermarket, grain vinegar sauce, hoarding groceries for you, your day till night, we did not have time to go shopping。Fridge for you to store the fish eggs, noodles, dumplings, fruits and vegetables, eat what they took out of cooking; sets of bed sheets, I have washed put into the ark, to go home when you just put on the line; I take your clothes dry-cleaning shop downstairs, single bar on the desk; your cotton slippers I have a good wash, drying on the balcony, watching the weather may not thirty-two days dry, you first wear my right ; wait a minute, I carefully clean the room again, remove all the garbage; what else?By the way, do not forget to go to the hospital a few days to review it and see your state of mind these days, I think it should be no big problem, and you like me to do pickled fish, I have practices and procedures written on paper , you shining on it; there are utilities, the net cost to get them what I can deliver, what else?Temporarily can not remember, a lot of unfinished issues you bear the responsibility of it。Previously these things are you doing personally, I was a walk away treasurer, his wife, you work hard, even though I do to a little rusty, but still let me in this time of departure you do something。    Perhaps the middle-aged, like nostalgia, I think of us first saw the time, I think of the years you pay for me bit by bit, although I am not good confession, but always filled my heart was touched。What a wonderful fate wanted to put you and I had a strange two people separated by thousands of miles away to pull together, others do not believe we can think between at it, because you and I are totally two worlds。You are a hotel manager, gallop battlefield in business, red wine in a toast to green light, effortless between joke, it was a noisy arena。And my house at home, sitting in front of screens every day, ears do not hear out of the window, beating the solitude of writing, only Shen sleep in their own joys and sorrows article, it is a lonely peaceful world。A static one move, your rivers and lakes are always waves everywhere wind Chung clouds moving, my world was calm and microwave not Lan, your style because of your rivers and lakes and the atmosphere bold, my character because my world and sentimental, you see more earthly utilitarian so see through this lofty Red, in the human predecessors ease, my world was only childish simplicity, emotions show on his face, coming and going of communication difficult, you go through rivers and lakes are too many variables , the storm hit, you always smiled to overcome this, I only own cocoon around itself in a romantic woven in, can not stand a little sign of trouble。    Two such different people together actually experienced the hardships of success, no wonder people are worrying for our marriage。In fact, not always the case, when the role you return from work, wash away Ukiyo Magnificence, his wife's back, you are still a woman one thousand kinds of tenderness, and I was your return, awakened from a dream in nothing, back to reality in the past。Get some food and wine, standing on the ride, slow the odd glass of discretion, you talk about today hotels have seen and heard, I wrote an article about a New works, wash finished, lying double bed, turn off the phone, no entertainment phone messages harassment, you play your Landlords, I have my chess and do not bother, though quiet but warm。This life we have traveled together three set, nothing spectacular, but in the dull days stay forever, do not ask too much, spend only hope, in plain truth, it is also a difficult repair of happiness。    Gently, I will leave you, write these parting is not some ramble?Tomorrow is heard whistle, cut through two of Acacia, respectively, perhaps in order to have a more permanent。Parting, can weaken the shallow emotions, parting also make deep and sincere feelings become more profound, a little regret, but not melancholy, a little disappointed, but not sad, after all, there is comfort in the hope of reunion in thoughts。    Not my day, you have to take care of yourself, hungry, eat, cold on more clothes, do not boil water when the hot hand, be careful when eating fish spines, the electric door gas fire, shut doors and windows before going to sleep, go to bed when tucked。Asked thousands exhorted million, it seems that still fit the heart, in short, please take care of your own, I will be in the latter days you will not remember。    Little are tears from the people, and let me show you wipe away your tears, your affectionate hug again, let love left between lips and teeth, so that the temperature of the warm each other in each other's body, to bring love and miss tomorrow Gone with me at a distance,。