Main stock index rose to close the bottom three with positive Hepu Pearl 3100 time shares led the gains strength

Stock index performance ups and downs today in early trading was to sell 3097.33 points, fell point integer mark 3100, 10:30 bottom rebound after the stock eventually closed up slightly 0.36% end of the day's trading to close at 3152.19 points, regained 3,100 points, Japan?Line to close the lower three Yang。Stock turnover moderate amplification, the total turnover of 520.9 billion yuan, the majority of industry sectors closed up, time shares led the gains strength。  For the afternoon broader market trend and operating strategies, institutions have to express their views。  Huafu Securities: In the short term, the index plunged after the early signs of stabilization in the decline slowed, and there is a subsequent power restoration rebound, but the current market risk appetite has suffered a serious setback, lack of investor confidence, or pre-holiday market is hard to change overall weak pattern。Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market is expected to show the trend of consolidation down。With the concept of safe male market rebounded slightly stabilized at 3100 points, if the short-term oversold stocks rebound, or will drive the index up, but the magnitude is expected to need to be lowered。Investors are advised to be cautious on the control positions, should not blind to cover short positions, and to guard against extreme downside risk stocks。  Galaxy Securities: As of the end of March, Beijing, Shanghai, Henan, Hubei, Guangxi, Yunnan, Shaanxi and other seven provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) government and the Social Security Fund Council signed a discretionary investment contract, the total contract amount of 360 billion yuan, of which 1370 billion yuan of funds have been credited into account and started to invest in other funds will be contracted by year, in batches in place。The current economy as a whole is more stable, continue to focus on thematic, structural opportunities。The market is still showing the structural market characteristics, continue to focus on national development strategies, supply-side reform, state-owned enterprises mergers and acquisitions and PPP and other topics。  Southwest Securities: disposal of illegal fund-raising office disclosed inter-ministerial meeting, in May this year, the national organization to carry out activities to prevent illegal fund-raising Awareness Month, fully integrated use of various promotional resources, carried out a series of high-level, high-impact promotional activities to create a wide range of propaganda, full mobilization of the vast momentum。July to September on suspicion of illegal fund-raising organization to carry out investigation and cleanup activities advertising news and information, advertising information on suspected illegal fund-raising all kinds of information carrier release dissemination conduct a comprehensive investigation, promptly investigate and deal with crimes clues, clean up the market environment。Straighten out the financial sector further escalation。Market or worried that some illegal withdrawal of private equity funds, cash pressure to form。  Chuan finance securities: financial deleveraging background, stick to short-term value of the end positions。Financial deleveraging on the one hand to increase the overall liquidity pressure, on the other hand, will increase the uplift pressure。In the short term, the value of blue-chip fund is expected to be favored; proposes a focus on benefiting from up-and high cash flow plate。Offensive still rely theme。From a market point of view, the recent good performance in order to benefit from the policy directions to promote the theme, and consumer organizations hold together for warmth。However, the configuration of the crowded consumer industry increased the risk sector。In the next period of time, there are still persistent policy theme catalysis, we can continue to focus。Male security force is still on the theme of space。Mixed Advancing the pilot began to accelerate, the pilot is expected to focus on the third installment。All the way to the summit along time approaching, public attention continued to improve, benefiting from the actual landing orders accelerated industry concern。Rank combination of operating cash incentives name 17.720,000 yuan 25.220,000 yuan 34.690,000 yuan 44.390,000 yuan 54.230,000 yuan Data Deadline: mid-2017 at 15 o'clock on April 26