A Dream Train of Remembrance

The Dream Train of Remembrance – Commemorating the First of the Fourth Anniversary Because it was a weekend, friends had dinner and slept well last night. The liver and heart that used to be unwell were no longer feeling strange, and they woke up occasionally in the middle of the night and were also safe.. In the gloom, the wife got up and heard her answer the phone again, probably at 7: 00 a.m.. She came over, she pushed the door and came in, but I was about unusual, not good. Sure enough, she woke me up and cried out, ” Xu, Xu, the Big Four are old.”. I sat up at once: ” Don’t panic. What’s the matter, slowly say. Fifty days ago, my wife said, isn’t your unit a tomb-sweeping day holiday, let’s go to Shanghai. I said what to do there? Because of the tomb-sweeping day in previous years, we mostly went to the countryside for a outing and also visited the western jade emperor ridge cemetery to sweep the mother’s grave.. In the rainy season, fresh soil game floats away in the same fresh wind, making people seem to have returned to their childhood and hometown. If it is a sunny day in Yuan Ye full of colourful rape and yellow flowers, it will make people laugh. But I don’t know why, this year, my wife wants Shanghai. Well, if I go to Shanghai, my fourth uncle who lives in Shanghai is not at home. I should only accompany you to the old place..     It is said to be the old place because the big four have settled in Shanghai for nearly 40 years. When I was young, I thought of studying abroad and went to Shanghai alone to find the big four who worked in Wujiaochang Changhai Hospital. When I was a child, I often led and rescued my big four from the cesspit after raining.. Forty years later, I went to see him. It was the first time I saw him. I stood in front of him and his prescription immediately fell to the ground. On the way home together, I knew that he had been wiping tears while riding in front, because the wind in the south was warm and not bitter. He held the car in one hand and held the wind in the other.     Later, when we got married, had children, celebrated the day, and even my heart was unhappy, we would come to him.. Fu had distant relatives in the mountains, and when he had a fortune of ten million yuan, he warned his hometown people not to go to Shanghai or meet him when he arrived.. I am the exception. My Big Four.     Today, my wife proposed to go to Shanghai, but she has not been there for many years.. But I didn’t think that the tomb-sweeping day would become a perpetual tactic.. I still remember clearly that he came down from the upstairs and I sprinted to embrace him. Remember when we parted, he was repeatedly urged by me to go upstairs and look back.     My Big Four. On that day, we went to the fair together, came back together and talked all the way. On that day, we tasted six or seven kinds of spirits and talked for forty years. On that day, we ate from noon until nearly seven o’clock in the evening. On that day, for fear of causing more trouble to our family, we had already booked a room outside and did not stay at home.. On that day, he reluctantly gave up. My big four, I remember clearly, when we parted, you looked back when I repeatedly urged you to go upstairs.. My Big Four.     I didn’t think of it. That difference turned out to be a perpetual tactic.     When I heard the news, I hurriedly got through to my eldest brother’s phone and went to the three big families to discuss how to deal with the matter. On the way, he learned that after dinner yesterday, he went out for a walk, suffered a heart attack and fell to the side of the road.. Passers – by helped him to rescue him in the long sea. He died at about midnight this morning.. According to local rules, a memorial service will be held next Tuesday. According to peers in my hometown, the funeral should be held as soon as possible when the wedding is late.. So we discussed taking a bus to Zhengzhou as soon as possible and then from Zheng to Shanghai. Booking tickets online by second brother’s daughter Xiaoya.     After deliberation, I hurried home to discuss with my wife, prepare more money and take 10,000 yuan. If Yudi in Beijing does not arrive, or if military affairs are present, I will pay for him.. At about 1: 00 p.m., eldest brother and second brother took a taxi and hurried to the east railway station.     The road was silent, as if I were the only one: ” The walk of the Big Four is a great loss to our family.”! Well, just as an important person is to the country, his departure is a great loss to our family.. In the meantime, I didn’t take into account my personal feelings.     The train in the distance, surging with huge and sharp breath, has already entered the station and everyone got on the bus in order. However, between trance, it seems that not a few brothers boarded the train, as if they boarded the bullet train. I was the only one who boarded the bullet train, not my body, but my soul..     2 Shanghai, 789 near Wujiaochang, Yingkou Road. This is a taxi coming out of the high-speed railway and Hongkou Airport. Half an hour’s journey, the buildings beside the viaduct, if bright and distant, are speeding by, and it is the way near midnight.. I didn’t expect it, or I don’t know who sent the wrong message. The four largest mourning halls are not in the funeral parlor. The funeral parlor has only his body. The mourning hall is located at home..     It was midnight and scurrying downstairs, the smell of candle fire in the hall floated out from the door of the open building. Later, cousin Hui, the fourth eldest son, said that the door should be opened, which is an old Shanghai rule. This is also the soul return of the central plains region? Or do you want to go home and have a look at the Big Four?     At midnight, only the hall of four people was left. Once upon a time, the balcony rang through the crack of the door, saying that the air was passing through the hall, but who was complaining and complaining?? Four big do you have anything to explain, can you say it to me.    A few people slept on the sofa, and I woke up several times after heavy sleep. After the first hour, he fell asleep, only being awakened twice by the sound of the great sad mantra of the undead, the sound of the great sad mantra of the tape recorder, and the sound of his cousin’s voice.. Also seems to have a dream, but deep, vaguely is the big four hall and his voice, a head of sweat woke up and knew he was in Shanghai and was in the hall.     When I woke up three hours later, it was more than six o’clock. Just four Niang had got up and got down from upstairs. I stood on the steps and watched her talking to my cousin.. Then, look for gaps and shout, ” Four Niangs.”! ‘ then go up and hug gently. She murmured, ” Xiao Xu met, met.”. She said that I gave wedding greetings to Hui Di 50 days ago, and at the same time, I looked forward to the last meeting of the Big Four, the last farewell.     Nowadays, people go to the building empty and want to take a look at his study more often. However, when I heard about the family affairs of Siniang and her cousin, I always felt wrong. I changed my shoes and walked out into the dense bush, walking in the bushes outside the house. Two mosquitoes raided me and were killed on my bare arms and stained with a few stars of my own blood.. I gently brushed away the bodies of the forest mosquito, the shattered bodies.     Back in the house, everyone was having breakfast. Four Niangs purposely asked me to sit beside her. I only said how my wife reported the bad news yesterday morning and how it was heart – pounding. I said calmly. In addition, I only had a bowl of porridge, and then I left the vegetarian meal and went to the balcony outside the hall to see the morning in the corner of Shanghai..     The sky was overcast and the dew or the water droplets left by the night rain fell gently and coldly between the branches and leaves that were stacked on top of each other..     Third, it should be from the disadvantage of a river bank to the southwest, through it and reach a village. I began to find out how far it is to borrow a bicycle from a family in the village in order to catch time.. There is no adult in the farm, a child who is at ease, a child who can’t remember his appearance, followed me. My bike took him across the street in the village and headed south, crossing an ancient road probably full of clean water pits, and came to the village..     This village does not have a specific appearance. I don’t know whether there is wind. There must be no rain or snow. The streets are deserted.. At that time, three people came out of his home. I asked him where he was, and he was in the house.. I used to, he was in the house, his thin face and low stature.     I was a little confused and did not know how to come out of the house with him. It turned out that the three members of the family were selling the tribute. He said, ” Don’t listen to them. What’s the use of a wick of incense?”? I don’t believe that. Why should I burn incense? Our family is clean and white, like a gently flowing river, believing in a wick of incense, does it not lead to customs?? Then, he said, ” The incense sticks they recommended are purely for selling money and for 2,000 yuan, I will give you money if you want.”. ‘ I hurriedly refuse.     I don’t know why, he said these words and went into the house himself. I looked at his residence, which is a three-story building with a high front and a low back, followed by two stories, and a quiet village house, arranged in an orderly way around, without wind, rain or snow.. The front door of the house faces east. I do not know whether there is a plaque for’ purple gas coming from the east’, but the door is closed and still closed. The two trees in front of the house are extremely tall and can’t see the branches. There are only some rattan leaves winding up sparsely..     I don’t know why, I detoured to the west of the house where a wall was missing and I looked at it and went to the south of the house. It was probably the Westinghouse in the main house with another south gate. I stole it and saw that there was a room in the door, a few tables in the room and a few old people there, as if they were nursing homes for the elderly and so on.. Several old men sat on the bed and looked at me coldly. A few old people.     I may have to go. He sent me. I said I probably mistook one for another. I didn’t say who you are. You don’t have the surname Cao, do you?. He said calmly that he did not. Then, I didn’t follow my children. My children and I rode back again, crossed several ancient roads full of clean water, returned to the village, and returned to their bicycles, thinking that there was still a long way to go in the north..     After such a long journey, when will I return to my hometown?? But in the midst of this doubt, I woke up suddenly in a dream and recalled that the person who said he was not surnamed Cao was my top four? So, in the green glow of the morning, my tears began to flow down. I checked the date, Saturday, June 8, and 21 days ago, Cao Guisheng, my fourth uncle and fourth uncle, passed away 21 days ago..     What is this for? On the train of my life.