Abba Valley.In fact, I love you Groundhog Day Winners

Abba Valley.In fact, I love the first time you see a word in the “Reader”, her father’s past life lover.So if you were reincarnated I want to be your daughter.This is the life I promise.Dear Abba Valley: I rarely call your father, I am really very little.Most of my photos are calling you boss or Abba Valley.A few days ago you promised me to accompany me to the future will be the Pamirs, make me laugh for a long time.About you, the two of us is the enemy.I had the knife means that you, not self-willed.I remember because the sheep run quickly led me to now running speed quickly.This will have the advantage every time you hit me after him, I ran a considerable speed in front of you always fail to recover in the back.It may only be limited to my childhood.In my eyes you are my God, you only junior high school when I was on the third day of every time I can not stand those damn math problems.Will you help me understand, though you will not solve the equation, but it will help me row equation.After high school, I go home once two weeks.You always pick me, one to the regiment, no matter how many people you’ll pick up my two turns.I was holding you, just like in the palm of your hand, like.I remember when I first learned to dance, you teach.I remember that we will always explore a lot of problems, because as we like.There are three people in this world call me baby, you, grandmother Valley, as well as sister.I know you are the only person in the world will not leave me.Your mother often quarreled, 19-year-old mother called me the night before, I hear you loud I’ve been crying at the other end.I called you on the phone, I cried and said I want you home.You say you can heartless mother, but you could not bear I cried and begged you.Sometimes think about it, I am very happy to have you.But I never said I love you for you.Every man who came to play, you drink to accompany them, but let me accompany them to drink more.On the third year, you know I feel bad.You always give me a message, but never punctuation, harm to myself every time I punctuate.But you will always be a touch of that many unfortunate people than I am, so I’m in a good state of mind to meet the college entrance examination.I tell you baby boys in our class I call him uncle, he always bully me.You smiled and said to me, you tell him next time he went to school bully you and me to pack him.Groundhog Day Winners And you still swagger said to me, you have to tell him your dad fight very powerful.You know I like the rain, the family hung his poster.Every one has heard from him you would say, your boyfriend came out of the baby Come.College, I alone in this.Groundhog Day Winners And you’re always afraid I do not take care of myself, so I feel bad for a person to get out.Tell you money, you give me.That day, you say baby I missed you.After you have finished with the phone kiss me.I find that you have no use for a long time your beard slag me.Your 40th birthday that year, I saved money to buy all of them for a long time charging razor.You took the box packaging, a luxury that I.But then my mother can tell you it baby.We are friends, you will see the boys and girls turned me then comment.Occasionally we have to discuss, and I’ve seen the bad guys is how to excel.You know I like Wu Dengyun, so you say you come with me to my home Pamirs.While you and I were born from my mother began to quarrel, fight.But one thing is the same as you, you love me.I asked you, I am your daughter you?You say which parents do not love their children.You give me growing sense, I always know.Finally, I said to myself Abba Valley, in fact, I really love you.Related Links: