(New Year special) New Year’s Eve celebration of childhood

Each season has its own unique flavor, the taste of the most unique winter than the “festive”.Mention “New Year” festive childhood always quickly filled nose, accidentally, actually seems to dip too thick mouthful that are full of firecrackers taste and smell of candy between breathing.Dim, as if returned to those years.Childhood, the year’s most anticipated is the Chinese New Year.About a month ago, the big people to begin preparation stocking, especially busy every day after the twelfth lunar month, “Twenty-three children Tanggua stick; XXIV sweep room day; XXV, fried tofu; XXVI, stewed white meat; xxvii, slaughtered rooster; xxviii, the surface hair; XXIX steamed buns; .”Eldest row full to the brim, but these days of celebration in the minds of children is far less than the New Year’s Eve that day important.Because there was a children’s festival that night – “free wine”.    To a New Year’s Eve, I am always kept urging them behind their parents ass from the red couplets posted as soon as possible, as soon as possible in order to allow the mother to me carefully freshen up, then great joy can not wait to dig from the bottom put out early on New Year bought clothes.In front of the mirror around and looked smug after a while my grandfather went to let the baby out of the closet to find a small jug and small jug is very simple, it is an empty bottle, but a lot smaller than the average, very delicate.Drilling an extra hole on the cap, to insert the straw a straw when.Only once a year at New Year’s Eve night, just became my entire childhood treasures.Small jug ready, I put my father specifically for this “festival” to buy liquor poured in, filling the full.He began contentedly waiting for partners to call my departure.    Custom home is the first fireworks night before New Year’s Eve to eat dumplings, dumplings.After the mother cooked dumplings, my father would go to the yard to put a long string of firecrackers, crackling, festivity surrounded by the sound of firecrackers out of a place in the red auspicious weather, the release of the new year strong taste.At the same time, the village clear, crisp sound of firecrackers will be heard, bustling!This is a signal to let the kids cheered, the more excited firecrackers explained more people cooked dumplings, eating dumplings can go, “free wine” of the!Festival finally kicked off, the happiest moment of the year is coming, and finally to the!After a few small partner appointment to complete the set, “send wine army” will joyfully off.    We began to send first from the village, everyone rushed into the house after the bounce to their small jug Pengdao host and hostess of mouth, “Uncle, aunt, we come to you to send wine!”Regardless Shu Shen really sucked his wine, his eyes began to search the table of candy, waiting for us to distribute aunt.A child likes to buy clothes bought in a large cloth bag, the reason is that the time to send wine can hold more candy too, and often carry additional installed a big, heavy bag.Wait until the cloth bag filled with good clothes on the “victories” transfer in, transfer and this activity will quietly in the corner of the door, because we see people worried about the big pocket full of candy will give us a little more fitted, so always make a “cash-strapped” look.Now think of it is very heart-warming thing is whether rich or poor, every household will put delicious all out to put on a plate full basket full of wine to send the children to prepare.We will enter every house gets two or three pieces of candy and twelve peanut seeds, and some will give home made cake sugar bun and even some particularly rare delicious, rarity these children always makes us happy to jump, “carried away”.Little friends would go door to door delivery, never miss a chance to get candy.Along the way will encounter different people to send wine to dial out a few teams, we will happily exchange about “fighting”.Hit the naughty boys, they always throw quickly cover your ears quickly ran away after a few rejection gun, hid in a distance girl joke.New Year’s Eve often snowy night, we wear new shoes to step on the snow, it creaked, like a merry tune after another.Carefully occasionally smoke a few mouthfuls of wine or a partner’s own wine, spicy tongue out.    Wait until the last one sent out of the wine, it was found running all night long face red with cold, numb with cold feet.Then there is the last of the processes – than candy.Partners put their candy all out to see who’s the most total, most children who rarity.This is the most worthy of showing off childhood victories.Finally, we are happily back home, and start looking forward to the next New Year’s Eve.This time send wine to get candy can open the river to eat goose.    Growing up, whenever I hear the footsteps of the New Year, I always think of those New Year’s Eve to send the wine, the taste of that candy aftertaste.