Bloodstains on leaves

That summer, I did not.Then just a terrible thing happened: I Chen Ying falls to death.Clearly, Chen Ying before his death, he had suffered a violent attack.Therefore, Chen Ying’s death is not an accident, but the victim died.It happened at my alma mater.At that time, I was reading a master’s degree Department.That summer, I did not go home.Then just a terrible thing happened: my friend Chen Ying falls to death.Chen Ying is upside down and fell on the ground, to the right temple site ground first, the damage mainly in the right side of the right face and body.Chen Ying past that dignified appearance has been replaced by the nose and mouth askew face.Chen Ying goes looking distorted face, my heart indescribably uncomfortable.Eight years, including five years in the same class, we can say that in daily life, as close as.Later, three-year graduate student, though we were in different professions, there is no more opportunity ate together, but ultimately, I still often go to disrupt her life.Buttons on the clothes out to find Chen Ying; zipper on the bad, find Chen Ying; foreign language translation of the information does not come out, to find Chen Ying; air flow, made a fire and no place to find Chen Ying case from site survey point of view, when Chen Ying like Cabo, an inattentive Caikong fell downstairs of his death.Clean the windows in a piece of cloth on the right side, leaving Chen Ying bright as a mirror on the window glass fingerprint, Chen Ying traces left foot on the windowsill.Chen Ying slippers, a thrown downstairs, left on a windowsill.Chen Ying is so in love with the girl, to what will become of her hands spotless.I always said she was a slave life.Someday you’ll be exhausted alive!This is what I often say to her.Does she really died on the finicky of life?Suddenly, I found a trail of blood on a leaf tree out into three floors downstairs window of the plane trees!Soon, this is positively identified suspicious stains: human blood; nasal bleeding site; Chen Ying identical with the blood.From the point of view of the autopsy, blood vessel rupture the nose, is not caused by an external force acting directly on the nose.Why else it can lead to nasal bleeding?By the way, when the external force in a short time in the neck, causing superficial jugular vein in the neck compression, while the carotid artery in the neck deep still flow, can lead to pressure in the head and face increased capillary Suddenly , the height of the capillary dilatation and congestion, nasal bleeding will be.I immediately use the knowledge learned, above bloodstain was measured staleness, confirmed that they leave the body less than 24 hours.Now, everything is clear, Chen Ying upstairs before the ground, who are charged with internal injuries have been.Clearly, Chen Ying before his death, he had suffered a violent attack.Therefore, Chen Ying’s death is not an accident, but the victim died.After inspection, we found that Chen Ying Si Qianzeng had sexual relations with a blood type A2 happen to men.From the point of view autopsy, Chen Ying is sexual relations with the man in a completely voluntary basis.Needless to say, certainly that’s, what is Feng Liang.Chen Ying Feng ever pay this good, I have not had a fight with her small frame.The Feng Liang, one look is not a good thing, a pair of long poles restless eyes did not say, but also actually dare the outsiders in the face, just like Chen Ying fell out at every turn.Chen Ying also, in the face of Feng Liang, an entire doormat, punching bag.I do not understand, a dignified graduate students, and why should this photo better!Autopsy found Chen Yingsheng front of the neck by violent oppression.It seems quite cunning murderer, he must be afraid to leave marks on the surface Chen Ying, so at the time of manual strangulation, the gasket on the soft goods.Soon, in the left parietal occipital Chen Ying corpse’s head, I found bleeding under the scalp of a.Obviously, this place is not a high fall injury hurt.According to a feature of the damage, we determined the top left occipital damage Ying-compliance blunt contusion larger plane acting on the head portion formed by Chen Ying.Chen Ying quarters head impact wall, which may be formed at a head impact injury Chen Ying.After inspection, identification falls before Chen Ying, Chen Ying and the man sexual relations, it is good Feng.Night assault trial conducted.Feng good account of the following offenses.It turned out that there is a Feng Liang abroad.Originally, he was ready and the wife of.But wait until his wife returned from abroad, he was surprised to find that the original slightly rustic wife suddenly became like a noble now.He became even more impressed that, people also from abroad to bring him back a considerable sum of money.He knew Chen Ying loved him to death to live, he also knows that Chen Ying has had his stomach.According to the original plan for two, and then more than a month, get our hands on a master’s degree in Chen Ying, you can be married up.But now he has changed his mind, he wants to sever the relationship with Chen Ying, with his wife to start a new life again.That day, he was downright irritable, filled with anger, the desire to do last-ditch Chen Ying.Chen Ying is Cabo on the windowsill, I saw Feng Liang excitedly jumped off the windowsill.At this time, crashed into the downstairs window cleaning cloth from the hands of Chen Ying.Moved by the occasion, Feng good mind immediately flashed an evil thoughts.Feng Liang will be taking advantage of phoney Chen Ying into her arms and then, they went to bed.Everything seems so logical.At this point, Chen Ying has been completely immersed in the sea of love.Suddenly, Pingliang Shun soft hand grabbed around that piece of underwear, white as snow Chen Yingjie liner in the neck with both hands evil force strangling the throat Chen Ying, Chen Ying, then turn to head violently hit the wall go with.Chen Ying, even the move did not move a muscle, it was out the window Feng Liang.But he did not think how, the drop of blood stains on the leaves lying to his life.