Afternoon Editorial: money market began to heat up effect

Early influenced by external stock market crash, the two cities index opened lower collective, the stock index within a narrow range to maintain the trend line near 3250, refers to a strong rebound in the GEM meteoric rise, after hitting 1800 highs turned green, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index 50 poor performance, both turned green, to today's midday closing stock index slightly turned green, the GEM refers to the meteoric rise, stock turnover volume than the day before。
  The disk, yesterday the outbreak of the climax of the industrial Internet sector continues strong, Kyland (300,353), Cambridge Technology (603083), Shenyang Machine Tool (000410), Hyderabad Control (002,184), Qiming Information (002232) limit, the UF network (600588 ) failed to open higher closure plate, plate sharp differentiation, and Jia shares (300,273) daily limit, cell therapy led to the concept of immunity among the biggest gainers, rising resource stocks intraday, Zhong Ke San Huan (000,970), Innuovo (000 795) limit , drive rare earth permanent magnet sector rose, the external stock market crash, risk aversion, gold stocks rebounded transaction, Koon Fook shares (002,102) led the gains。
Long-Nanjing (300644) opened sharply lower, hit sentiment sub-shares, Warburg shares shares (300,741) listed on the next day to open the daily limit。
Trump announced that the US will impose 25% tariffs on imported steel, aluminum levy on imports 10% tariff, it is expected next week to sign a formal decree。 Iron and steel sector collective slump in early trading。
  Hot plate Industrial Internet fast differentiation, East of soil science and technology, control of the sea, Qiming Information limit, Shenyang Machine Tool rose more than 9 percent, Cambridge Technology, the UF network rose more than 4 percent, Sichuan Instrument shares (603,100), NC Central (300161) rose by more than 2%。
  Rare earth permanent magnet concept among the biggest gainers, three rings, Innuovo limit, is the sea magnetics (300,224) rose more than 8%, Ningbo Yunsheng (600366) rose more than 5%, Galaxy magnet (300127), Advanced Technology (000969 ), Hengdian East magnetic (002,056) rose more than 4%。
Fall standings, steel, nobody retail, coal plate decreases。   "National Biotechnology Development Strategy Outline," the preparation of the Leading Group Message level 1, according to media reports, 28 of 16 ministries led by the Ministry of Science, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and other components of the first meeting。 Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang as the National Biotechnology Development Strategy preparation group leader。
This means that the "Outline" formally entered the preparation stage。
"Outline" to highlight the preparation of the national strategy will, long-term layout, ahead of the deployment plan, lead by leaps and bounds。 At the same time, to drive technological innovation and institutional innovation-wheeled, open integration and development。 2, reported that the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund (big fund) is in full swing in the second phase of fund-raising progress, the current program has been submitted to the State Council and approved。
Authoritative source close to the large funds, fund two large scale of funding more than one, in 1500-2000 one hundred million yuan。
  Investment advice nearly a week since, homemade chips, sensors, time shares, artificial intelligence, 5G topics such as the average rose nearly 10%。 From the theme wheeled perspective, the level of weekly tech theme has to be seen, but the first quarterly decline is still living, the right side of the tech theme features have been more obvious。 With the "Four new economy" continues to support policies have been put forward and landing technology, tech theme will continue to reflect the policy and technology is expected to fall。 Strongly bullish on tech topics, focusing on promising 5G, two major themes of the Internet industry, we propose a focus on new energy vehicles, smart city and other topics。

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