Eel pain

REVIEW mother gave birth to me when she could see the face of her children, she was arrested significantly less brutally taken away, without the mother’s care, many brothers and sisters to leave prematurely, with a natural gift the sun, I was able to rebirth.    Tonight, no rain, moonlight like quicksilver poured on the field.Faint moonlight, I could hear the distant hustle and bustle of the village, in front of me, a piece of green rice fields, glistening dew hanging on the tip of the green seedlings, sleepless worms, happily playing among the Miao, a single teardrop, splashes slight wave, what a wonderful night!But my heart was shrouded in lingering sadness, perhaps tonight, perhaps tomorrow, my life is doomed missed a night like this.    Last night, hunger and loneliness drove me out of the dark, dank home for the first time this year, the hole hidden in the narrow crevice in my heart many times but disgust deeply attached home.I gently wandering in the water, and constantly remind ourselves, can not go too far.Migration of insects, loach, all my taste, very strange, I only tasted the taste of a few bugs, and how can it fill his belly which?I was wondering, suddenly, I saw the belly of a drum Loach floating on the water, a surge of hungry stench and to.It was dead, evidently for several days, since the expression of pain, I know, it could be in the drug.This season, it is the farmers’ fertilizer spraying time.I continue to swim forward, a sight that shocked me, one, two, three, a large, moonlight turned up on their belly, white, dismal, there would only bullfrog legs in the air before his death, however painful it!    I think I have no longer able to bear the weight of the mood, then slowly return home.I did not encounter brothers and sisters, whether they are also getting?  I sat quietly in the door, gently flowing water evoke memories, memories like a little wave, a circle as they watch, farther and farther, gradually disappeared ,,,,,, mother gave birth to me, not in her when enough time to see the face of her children, was arrested significantly less brutally taken away, without the mother’s care, many prematurely departed brothers and sisters, with the natural gift of the sun, I was able to rebirth.Lonely life, gave me a strong will, from an inch to a foot long, day after day, year after year, ups and downs, I live to this day.How many times, I pass the poison, how many times, fishermen current will stun me, from a paddy field to another piece of paddy fields, many times I lived in the home.Body large and small scars, witnessed my growth, that I will never forget the pain.    Yes, I grew up, wounds more, but also conceal my beautiful body, yellowish skin, strong muscles, more important is the wise mind.I always believe that with wisdom, I can beat all those caught are significantly less.This is true, my home most hidden, and I built a number of channels, even if the temptation is filled with information of the opposite sex irresistible in the air, I can Zuohuaibuluan, I believe I’m cool, low-key lifestyle, in this dangerous environment, is to overcome all difficulties opponents.    Last year, I was arrested hook eel’s hooked on its own strength and wisdom, I am struggling, finally, my mouth in a contest of strength, the torn a long hole stained with blood of the house, who had to catch eel dejected, empty-handed.I also tortured pain and hunger, and for a long time did not dare to touch the mouth of the food.    One year later, I have the wounds to heal.I can live free, I am still cautious, low-key, when the impulse, mouth scars remind me: Be careful.Nocturnal life, even in this food is abundant summer, I often located under the poverty line, I’m hungry, hungry like a demon, drove me to take risks, drove me irrational, sometimes I can not control can not help myself, slipped out during the day will go to eat.    I often think: If no hooks, no seductive earthworms wriggling on the hook, no poison, no fishing, and no current terrible, my life would be like what?How many times I woke up the dream of the bloody scene will continue to do?    My pain, who can understand?My pain, who will comfort?My pain will ever do?