Hometown of dead trees

Deep in my memory, as well as the home of the dead trees have withered, but also still standing.Always remember that time, I like a man quietly sitting in the window, silently looking at the dead tree, dead tree branches also draped on the nest.After a night of wind and rain, up the next morning, I saw the dead trees still standing, dead trees of life so I thought: not a breath of life, why also still standing tall and straight?    In those days no sun, I always to support those with strong life, ride one lonely and painful night.From that time also, I know that tears are weak, tears can only be painful to express, no power to stand strong, it can only lie down in tears, sometimes, while I shed tears, while working, because I know, not labor, tears can not create life.    Home of dead trees, so I learned to be strong, not breathing dead trees are still standing still, I live life, why not stand it?Whenever I was in the days of wind and rain, I have always thought of dead trees, do not give up standing posture.    Many years later, the dead trees also long gone, but my heart dead tree, still did not fall, which in the past stood in my heart, my mind is now also standing, and the future will always be in my heart station with, it is the pillar of my life, my heart tumbler.    Suffering, temper, will make people stronger, just like home, like dead trees, honed strong life in the rain, even if there is no breathing, it will not easily fall in the rain.Tonight hometown of dead trees, inspired me deeper, the rise of independent life, not only is life, standing dead still life, bone is hard Roots.