Champions League – Higuain mass shooting Diba La Juve lore reversed out of Tottenham

  Beijing at 3:45 on March 8 (UK local time at 19:45 on the 7th), the European Champions League 1/8 final, second leg match another two games, Juventus reversed 2 to 1 Tottenham Hotspur The total score of 4 to 8 in advance 3。
The first half, fell to the ground inside the restricted area Chiellini hand ball, Vail pass Hang Douglas seems to uprooting the restricted area – Costa, the referee no penalty。
Son Heung-Min opened the scoring。
The second half, Higuain to tie the game, then assists Di Bala Champions League this season to break the ball shortage。   Ewing first leg home 2 2 draw Tottenham, nearly seven Champions League away only a negative knockout (level 3-3)。 Higuain ankle back from injury, the Man Chu Keech did not travel with the team because of injury, Bernadette Chomsky and Cuadrado Also sidelined with injuries, physical condition did not reach 100% of Douglas – Costa as right wing。
In the right back position, Technip Leo Lichtsteiner and were not playing, Allegri chose Barzagli。   Tottenham Champions League this season is one of three unbeaten teams this season in the Champions League group stage three home victory, undefeated at Wembley 15 consecutive official games, nearly seven games unbeaten, the last 12 home games 8 second clean sheet。
In the history of the Champions League play-off first leg away 2 to 2 draw teams qualify probability of 83% (10/12)。 Right 后卫奥里耶 suspended, Terry Pierre starting for the first time in the Champions League, played Dembele get rid of injuries。
  Before the game one minute of silence for the Astori。
Opening 3 minutes, Spurs will first create a threat, goalkeeper Loris open Bigfoot, Kane turned to get rid of the middle assigned to the left, Son Heung-Min on the left into the restricted area away from the door 9 meters left foot low shot was Buffon closed out!The first 13 minutes of disputes, Erickson Road onrush pass, restricted the right ball was blocked Kane Chiellini, but Chiellini left arm ball fell to the ground, referee Maqiniya Poland g ignored。
  Ali right forward pass restricted area, Kane wading attack Buffon, in a small angle 8 meters in front scoop shot hit the side net!Juve almost 17 minutes to get a penalty, Douglas – Costa turned right into the restricted area to get rid of Vail pass Hang after being Vertonghen Hang uprooting the ground, 马齐尼亚克 still not sentenced。   Tottenham full advantage of occupying the scene。
Ali the ball, volley Eriksson is blocked at 14 meters in front, Terry Peel restricted the right pass, the dot pitch Son Heung-Min 8 meters door header was saved Buffon。
Kane right low pass, Dell closed arc left foot low shot was Buffon。 Dembele the forward pass, Son Heung-Min left shot into the restricted area Chiellini shovel the bottom line, the present – Davis left corner, Vail through the far post header Hang。
Eriksson transferred crossing to the left, Kane dipped beam passing 15 meters in front of。 This – Davis left forward pass, Son Heung-Min into the restricted area 12 meters away from the door far post low Shepian。
  Tottenham took the lead 39 minutes!Kane turned to the right forward pass, sending Eriksson restricted area, Tui Ali was blocked Barzagli, but Terry Pierce re-transmission right after Son Heung-Min dot pitch door 8 meters Tui no marked strength, but unconcioursly fool Chiellini and Buffon network, 1-0。 This is Juve nearly four Champions League first knockout away particle losses。 Pjanic hanging free kick into the penalty area on the left, Alex – Sandro header above。
Pjanic tipped Ali, was booked, if Juventus qualify, he will be suspended for one game。
  Spurs shot is the first half 5, and 3 shots Ewing 0 Shots。 The second half, Burnett Tia Ali foul was a yellow card, will be suspended for one game。 Chiellini knocked down Ali, also booked。 Eriksson timely transfer of the right, left the restricted area Son Heung-Min 12 meters away from the door far corner curve ball target。   Asamoah replaced Matuyidi。
Alex – Sandro cross from the left, Higuain 10 meters before the dot pitch door volley higher Dianshe。 Lichtsteiner replaced Tia Burnett。
Asamoah cross from the left, but before the point of rescue Sanchez hook to the rear point, Di Bala 12 meters in front of left foot volley wide of the left goal post oblique。

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