Can dried flower tea really supplement vitamins?

Can dried flower tea really supplement vitamins?

Can dried flower tea really supplement vitamins?

Dried lemon, green tea powder, dried lotus seeds, dried petals . Recently, a variety of bagged or canned flower and fruit teas have become popular in the market.

Dried flower and fruit tea is affordable, easy to buy and carry, and many office workers love it.

  So, how different is the nutritional value of dried flower fruit tea and fresh flower fruit?

Professor Jiang Microwave, College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, said that after one drying and one heat, the nutritional value of flowers and fruits will definitely be lost, among which the antioxidants are the most lost, vitamin C is basically left, and anthocyanins are also lost a considerable part; After the dried fruits, such as lemons, which are known to increase vitamin C, even the rest of the sour taste, the main nutrients are destroyed.

In addition, there are other health hazards that may be caused by using peels such as rinds. The most typical is spraying pesticides. Fat-soluble toxic ingredients can be dissolved in the peel, and the pulp will not be contaminated.

  Some people may mutter in their hearts that black tea and green tea have also undergone a drying process. Will the nutrition “disappear”?

For this reason, Shen Hong, a national-level tea appraiser, said that dried tea leaves are dried to remove moisture, which makes them easier to preserve and more fragrant. The nutrition is almost unchanged compared to new tea.

Speaking of green tea powder, Shen Hong believes that the grinding process only increases the concentration of tea, is easy to absorb and taste, and there is no obvious loss of nutritional ingredients.

  Therefore, to give full play to the health effects of flower and fruit tea, you should eat freshly squeezed lemon juice as much as possible, and eat less flower and fruit tea with skin.