Summer diet should pay attention, cold food is not right, it hurts the body very much.

Summer diet should pay attention, cold food is not right, it hurts the body very much.


Summer diet should pay attention, cold food is not right, it hurts the body very much.

Summer cold food is delicious, eat more unfavorable, doctor: These things can reduce the physical damage to the summer, and the first thing that people face is the heatstroke prevention problem.

In addition to avoiding high temperature operation, blowing air conditioners and fans, many of them are drinking water to relieve heat, but many people like to drink frozen cold drinks, fruits and so on to relieve heat.The frozen cold drink, although the melon fruit can quickly cool down physically, the damage caused by improper eating is very large, let’s take a look.

First, the doctor is very jealous of cold food Chinese medicine concentrated frozen food is not suitable for female friends to eat, will hurt the dirty, endangering women’s health, and cold is easy to cause dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, etc., the temptation of frozen food in summer is very large,Needless to say, men can’t resist the class, and some women can’t control their mouths. When they see the cold food, they forget the original pain.

Cold foods will have a rich taste, and women are naturally curious, and they must appreciate the feeling of chilling stimulation, so it is unlikely that doctors should not eat cold foods.


Second, reduce the cold body food damage to the body.

Try to drink some water and beverages at room temperature, and slowly get used to water and beverages at room temperature. For a long time, you will feel that the temperature is just as good and adapt to them.

Many times, hot drinks are more intense than the aroma of cold drinks. Try to taste and slowly enjoy.

When eating ice cream, try to wait for it to melt in the mouth, do not let the cold to the abdomen, to reduce the direct impact of ice on the body.

2.Fruits Many female friends like to eat fruits, especially watermelons. In the summer, many female friends put fruits in the refrigerator. The purpose is not to keep fresh, but to wait until the fruit is cold and then take it out. I don’t know if it will increase the burden on the uterus.

In addition, most fruits are cold, especially nowadays, drinking fruit and vegetable juices, but ignoring the cold and cold foods eating too much will hurt your health.

Suggestion: The fresh-keeping fruit in the refrigerator should be put into the room and warmed up after being taken out from the refrigerator. Chew slowly and avoid swallowing it when it is cold. In particular, pay attention to the first bite and wait for the stomach.Adaptation can be accelerated as appropriate.

3.Cold dishes should also pay attention to the cold dishes we bought at the supermarket. Most of the jelly is iced.

The taste is very good, you like it, you can not eat too much at one time, but also have a lot of cold, such as cold bamboo shoots, soaked cabbage, soaked radish, cucumber, cold bracken, etc., when eating these vegetables, you canAdding onions, ginger, garlic and other hot foods can neutralize the cold and heat properties of food to a certain extent, and should not eat such cold dishes during the physiological period.

However, such as cucumber fried meat, cabbage stew, etc., stir-fry with oil, add meat and chopped to reduce the coolness of the twist.

Third, for your own body, cold, fried to eat less dating of Western food, some female friends fell in love with fried chicken, cola, ice cream, enjoy delicious while forgetting their own health, you know, fried, icedFor the “murderer” who causes phlegm and cold constitution, the continuous eating of such food has a great impact on health, which will cause acne and will lead to obesity.

Female friends eat well, eat right, and keep their body long.

Eat every day, and make sure you eat happily, and make a smooth, healthy meal for yourself.

Try to avoid eating outside, or take a takeaway, it is best to eat natural, non-toxic foods, so as not to increase the burden on the body.