Five ways to teach you easy and anti-fatigue

Five ways to teach you easy and anti-fatigue

Five ways to teach you easy and anti-fatigue

Do you often feel tired, uncomfortable and have a sense of urgency?

That’s because you put too much stress on yourself and don’t relax well.

As the pace of life accelerates, the pressure on people is increasing.

Especially for married women, in the face of the dual pressures of career and family, they often feel powerless and unknowingly tired.

In fact, many times we are tired because we ca n’t find fun and value in our work. We think of it as a heavy burden psychologically. We feel extra tired when we carry this burden.

  In addition, many people always repeat monotonous activities in work and life, and the variables change, which will inevitably lead to psychological fatigue.

So, how to alleviate mental fatigue, make our mood relax, and feel joy and beauty?

Here to teach you some practical methods, it is very simple, you might as well give it a try, it may have unexpected results.

  First trick: Looking at the world from another angle, the key to the reason why we cannot immerse ourselves in certain special moments is to pay too much attention to some of the relevant purposes, and ignore the discovery and appreciation of many beautiful things.

Rushing to work, accompanied by worrying about the scale of work for more than an hour, might as well pour your mind into every detail of the beautiful morning, maybe a crisp bird song makes you feel happy, the flowers just in bloom can make you feel moreRefreshing.

Take a good mood and bring it to your workplace.

  The second trick: Lost the shackles of perfectionism that swept the American TV series “Desperate Housewives”.

One of the strong women, Lannett, made a mess of her life by raising four naughty children.

She was reluctant to acknowledge the challenges she was currently facing, and was responsible for preparing for her incompetence, which eventually made her unbearable and tossed the children to her neighbors, hiding herself in the countryside.

In the process of talking with her friends, she learned that her friends also faced the pressure she was under when the children were young. They had also despaired, lost, and secretly cried in no one’s place.

  It turned out that she felt very normal.

She accepted her current situation and returned to the family. After throwing away the thoughts she should not, she can take care of her children more easily and be more forgiving. Her life has been much better since then.

People can not escape from doing wrong.

We can also become more relaxed by being tolerant of ourselves.

  The third trick: looking for one or two “close friends” may not require others to talk too much when we are troubled. More often, we hope that the psychological depression and trouble can be thrown up quickly.

Therefore, intimate “close friends” is naturally an integral part of life.

Listening to your friends will help you sort out your thoughts, and understanding will give you support and encouragement.

Try to find your close friends.

  The fourth trick: make more changes in life. If you do the same work in the unit every day, return home or do the laundry step by step, cook, and clean up the house. After a long time, you will inevitably feel tired because of monotony.

At this time, you need to use your brain to change the way of life.

Can you buy this recipe, try some fresh alternatives, or find a reason, and occasionally the whole family has a candlelight dinner.

Can I watch TV regularly every day instead of going out for a walk?

On holiday, the family travels once.

In short, you can give it a try as long as it can be done, maybe only a small change can have unexpected results.

  Fifth trick: “crazy thinking” can also eliminate fatigue. Psychologists have found that “crazy thinking” helps to eliminate tension and fatigue in work and life and reduce relaxation.

When you feel tired, boring, and bored, go crazy.

You can imagine going back to the honeymoon trip with your husband again, imagine that your salary has doubled due to your outstanding work performance, imagine your baby growing up little by little . In short, your thoughtsYou can travel around as long as you are happy and intoxicated.

However, we must remind everyone that this kind of wild imagination is only an occasional supplement rather than a substitute, so it must be moderated, not the last.

  In addition, with regard to psychological fatigue, individuals can also enrich their leisure life content through various activities with strong emotional experiences according to their personality and hobbies, such as going for a walk, watching movies, chatting, reading, etc.So as to avoid the monotony and negative psychology caused by the military’s activities being too singular.

If you are still tired, take a snapshot of the above method, close your eyes and let your heart go wild, good emotions will slowly come back to you.