4 reasons to have to love onions

4 reasons to have to love onions

4 reasons to have to love onions

Although the onion has long been a common occurrence on our table, but it has its roots. It is an authentic “foreign immigrant”!

Like its relative, garlic, it has been an important part of a healthy diet and natural medicine since ancient Egypt.

The unique medicinal properties of onion also allowed it to be used as a medicine for treating wounds in soldiers in the Russian and British army during World War II.

There is no doubt that research on the nutritional value and medicinal value of onions has not stopped. In many countries in Europe and America, onions are known as “vegetable queens”!

“Vegetable Queen” onion is rich in nutrients, in addition to potassium, vitamin C, folic acid, zinc, selenium, fiber and other nutrients, or two special nutrients-carotene and prostaglandin.

These two special nutrients make onions have many irreplaceable health benefits of other foods: 1.

Preventing cancer In this society of cancerous discoloration, there is a food that can prevent cancer. This is really a great news!

What’s more, research by researchers has also found that onions and their family members can help prevent and control various cancers.

It’s “various”!

In France, a study of women’s interventions showed that women who were supplemented with anions and garlic were less likely to develop diabetes.

I believe that after reading this article, you will definitely swipe the name of onion on your menu!

  Onion’s anti-cancer effect comes from its selenium and liquid dermatan.

Selenium is a seven-agent antioxidant that stimulates the body’s immune response, thereby inhibiting the division and growth of free radicals, while reducing the toxicity of carcinogens.

But bulbin can inhibit polymer-induced activity and prevent polymer growth.

A survey shows that people who eat onions more often have a 25% less chance of developing stomach cancer than those who don’t, and 30% fewer die from stomach cancer.


Maintaining cardiovascular health Onion is the only vegetable known to contain prostaglandin A.

Prostaglandin A can dilate blood vessels and reduce blood viscosity, which can reduce blood pressure, increase coronary blood flow and prevent thrombosis.

The onion rich in phospholipids in onions has high biological selectivity. Scientists have reported that allicin may help prevent the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and provide important information for atherosclerosisProtection.


Stimulate appetite.

Helps digest onion contains onion, garlic, and spicy, has a strong aroma, and often causes tears due to the pungent smell during processing.

It is this special smell that can stimulate gastric acid secretion and increase appetite.

Animal experiments have also shown that onions can increase gastrointestinal tension and promote degenerative peristalsis, which leads to appetizing effects. It has a significant effect on reducing appetite caused by atrophic gastritis, insufficient gastric motility, and indigestion. Of course, if you dietSlimming, then the essential effect of onion does not seem to suit you well!


Bactericidal, anti-cold cancer contains phytobacterin or allicin, etc., has strong bactericidal ability, can effectively resist influenza virus and prevent colds.

When the phytobacter is excreted through the respiratory tract, urethra, and sweat glands, it can stimulate the secretion of the cell wall of these locations, so it also has expectorant, diuretic, sweating, and antibacterial and antiseptic effects.